About Dave Pidgeon

Writing and photography, two means for telling stories, for informing audiences, for reaching the hearts of others. They both require a unique set of skills, and yet writing and photography parallel each other in fascinating ways. ​

My name is Dave Pidgeon. I've worked 20 years as a newspaper journalist, a freelance magazine writer, a corporate spokesman, and as a professional portrait photographer.

Today, I own a super niche photography business called Creative Sports Photography, providing a better portrait experience for athletes. ​ I also travel with my wife and our three sons, gathering a collection of images I'm eager to share.

Here at Pidgeon's-Eye View, I strive to help writers advance their photography skills, to take you beyond the technical and into inside the mindset of an image maker so you can begin to elevate. ​

Reach out if you've struggled with photography and there's something you wish to learn about. Email me at dave@pidgeonseyeview.com.

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