Raising a trio of kids and a photography business

December 1, 2021

Brothers who are baseball players

There’s this Instagram Reel that’s going around where a voice encourages you to remember that we are living in a time that our younger selves used to imagine.

So don’t let that younger person down, the voice warns.

The previous versions of myself, quite honestly, never dreamed at the age of 42 years old (almost 43), I would find myself owning a portrait photography business.

And yet … here I am.

I arrived here unexpectedly at the end of the Summer, having left a high-paying, full-time job. That, however, is a discussion perhaps for another time.

Suffice to say that my life is less about how I arrived here and more about what I intend to do about it.

Frankly, I have little interest in returning to a regular office job, not without giving myself a shot at building a sustainable and profitable photography business that supports my family and provides the quality of life my wife and I imagine for our three boys.

Not without building a photography business that serves clients with images they can’t get anywhere else.

Yes, I tried to build a photography business before. I struggled to build clients, didn’t understand branding, was unorganized.

Truth is, my heart was more into the act of photography than it was in the subject I was photographing (predominantly weddings).

I closed shop to return to my public relations career. My wife and I were welcoming our third son, we needed health care benefits, and frankly, I didn’t prove I could I build a business.

Some people have that acumen. Others don’t. I believed I would forever belong to the latter.

Life can be funny, though, right? Funny, chaotic, but poignant.

Here I am.

Many of us photography business owners have lives that expand beyond the daily tasks of running a business. Many of us are parents of young kids, which is a challenging time to try and build a business.

Yet it’s also a tender time. It’s a legacy building time. My family knows how much happier I am, not being subjected to the indignities of a previous chapter.

I may not be making as much income right now as I did before. But I’m happier. Healthier. A better father. A better husband.

And a better photography business owner.

I want to invite you to take a look for yourself. That’s why I began a weekly vlog, Pidgeon’s-Eye View. It’s just a little window in the life of a father who’s also a photography business owner.

Let me know what you think, what you want to see more of or how it can be of better service to you.

But it can show you behind-the-scenes of a life spent as a husband, father, and photographer.

Here are the first two episodes, and to see the full playlist, check it out on YouTube.

Dave Pidgeon is a writer and photographer from Lancaster, Pa. He’s worked in wedding, family, and high school senior portraiture and today owns Creative Sports Photography, which provides portrait services for youth athletes.

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